Saturday, November 2, 2013


This is my little horseback riding daughter. Well, not so little, I guess. Katelyn will be 10 in December. She started horseback riding lessons this summer, and she's in heaven! We have the perfect setup, too. She takes lessons with her best friend, who lives almost across the street from us (which is miraculous when you live in the country) and is in her class at school. Their teacher lives very close and picks them up from school twice a week to take them to their lessons. She even delivers them right to our doorsteps when the lessons are over!
(Sorry the picture's so blurry)

Katie with her best friend Karin on Halloween
Grooming her lesson horse
So today Katelyn's spending the morning at the stable with her friend, grooming horses and taking a lesson. She spends every spare moment daydreaming about horses, and dreams about them at night, so this is a perfect day for her. And it would be for me, too! I love horses and would love to be taking lessons as well. Maybe when my little boys are all in school. But man, I would rather be spending the morning at the stable than catching up on chores around the house! Lucky girl!