Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...

Three years ago my youngest sister Cassie moved halfway across the country so that her husband could go to law school. It was so hard to say goodbye. Luckily I was able to fly out to visit her once, and she has been back to visit a couple times a year. Her visits are sooo fun, especially since she's had two children while living away, and it's so neat to spend time with them and see our kids together. We also talk on the phone quite frequently, and I love that.

Monday night I had to say goodbye to another sister, also headed across the country so that her husband can attend law school. My sisters are definitely among my closest friends, and Stephanie is no exception. With Cassie far away, and our other sister working, Steph and I have taken full advantage of having each other close. We've dragged kids (more each year) shopping for kids' clothes in Park City and all over Salt Lake. We've tried to keep the kids occupied for countless hours of sewing, or shopping for fabric. We've shared our passion for gardening and plants and flowers. We've shared our parenting trials and offered each other understanding and empathy. I've been mourning my sister's leaving for months now, and I won't ever forget driving away, watching her wave goodbye.

I woke up this morning to the new reality of being alone. There's no possibility of a visit or a quick trip together to the fabric store. Our kids won't be playing together for a long time. I'm so excited for Steph and the adventure she has ahead of her. And I know we'll talk all the time and remain close, just like Cassie and I have. I just wish she were still here.